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Teflon® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company.
Teflon® coating is a kind of non-stick coating based on fluorocarbon resin. The products with the coating on the surfaces have resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion. 
In addition, Teflon® coating’s qualities of moisture resistance, low-friction, dry lubrication, non-sticky performance and electric insulation enable it to be adopted in various fields and industries. It can be used on small electronic appliances such as rice cooker, iron sole plate and cookware products, bakeware products, It can also be used as lubrication, mold release and corrosion resistance material in industry.

The application of Teflon® coating is widely used for non-stick coating on office copier spare parts, printer spare parts, bread-baking tray, toast mold, ball mold, shoe mold, equipment of electroplate, equipment of textile, automobile spare parts, roller and any kinds of spare parts. 
Besides, many industrial types of equipment with Teflon® coating such as tank, stirring rod, centrifuge, chemical reaction vessel etc have extremely apparent quality of corrosion resistance. It’s also widely used in electronics, semiconductor and LCD industries. Fortune Lin’s Co,. Ltd. has already engaged in this area for many years. It can provide professional know-how, rich experience, well- trained team and sufficient stocks to support its best and the most efficient service.

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